Saturday, June 11, 2016

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash

i have received this wonderful new products from Influenster! 
i hardly use TRESemme but i got excited when i got this... 
This is the Beauty-Full Volume Reverse wash! 
ok so let me explain what this is! 
its a conditioner and shampoo
you do the conditioning FIRST and THEN Shampoo! now the reason you use these products this way is because 'Using conditioner after you shampoo can weigh hair down and leave it flat. TRESemme Beauty -Full Volume Pre-Wash conditioner is specially designed to be used before you shampoo, to leave hair smooth and polished but still full of bounce!'

alright so i was like whaaattt.... how am i going to use conditioner and then shampoo i ALWAYS need conditioner after i use shampoo... lol 
so i tried it! and first off! it smells good, kinda perfumy and fruity nothing too intense or strong

So i used the conditioner first as directed and pumped 2-3 pumps depending your hair length
and you massage on to your hair/scalp and leave it for a minute, when i massaged it to my hair it lathered a tiny bit it left like those cleansing conditioners 
So then i washed off the conditioner and proceeded with the shampoo! 
now let me warn you, i dont know how much shampoo you use because we all know we all use a little more than we suppose to, APPLY A LITTLE BIT like quarter size product because this LATHERS SO MUCH!! which is good news.. because one: it will last longer(shampoo/product) and two: you're just not using unnecessary product. 
so yea a little goes a long way
and just wash it off! and you're done! and it will feel like you skipped a step! not putting conditioner at the end! but you're cool! 

now, as my hair was drying it felt fluffier and softer, my hair is naturally curly/wavy and my hair was getting a bit curly i guess because since i didn't used conditioner at the end it wasn't weighing down my hair! so i guess it is true that some conditioners does weigh your hair down 

so in conclusion, this is a great product and a cool concept! it worked for my hair! hopefully it will work for you too! 

 i received these products for free from influenster for testing purposes