Thursday, October 2, 2014

Disney Tag part 2 My Collection

Hay! Okay, here's my little collection! OMG so, I try not to collect a bunch of things because it can get a little crazy I don't wanna be those people with a bunch of storages and not able to enjoy their things! I want just enough to display them and to smile every time I see them.
I usually get my things at thrift stores and I prefer vintage disney item because it's like a piece of history ... And I have a thing for vintage things 

i think this clear cup is cool! 

if anybody knows can you tell me what year this might be? im guessing 70's but i can be totally wrong! 
if you're ever at a Disney park pick this up because there is always a press coin machine where you can get your coins done!
Tarzan! this is actually a little water fountain!!
This Snow White is also a little water fountain!!!

My favorite, Beauty and the Beast! maybe because this one is complete, hahah mpst of the ones i have are broken 
My Beautiful Dumbo! you get these at California Adventure playing those arcade games! 
i had to beat a little kid to get this... no shame... lol
And my little Dumbo.. i found him at a Thrift store.. love him its super cuttteeee

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