Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DISNEY: Buzz Lightyear INSPIRED Makeup

To infinity ... and Beyond!!!!
Today i did a Buzz Lightyear inspired eye look! 
i think Buzz is my favorite character from Toy Story.... 
i have a buzz sweater and little kids rolling luggage... yeah, im that person. and i do take it to my Disneyland trips.. lol surprisingly all my clothes fit. hahaha
anyways, i hope you all like this look i created! 
its a little out there but i really like how it came out! 

Products Used:
Wet N Wild concealer stick as primer
All eye shadows i used are from Bh Cosmetics 120 color palette in 01 
Jesse's Girl eye dust in Starshine
L'Oreal Blackbuster eyeliner in black
Rimmel London mascara Retro Glam in extreme black
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in Nude
Rimmel London Lasting finish lipstick my Kate Moss in 04 

Thank you for visiting my blog! if you have any questions ask!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Disney Tag part 2 My Collection

Hay! Okay, here's my little collection! OMG so, I try not to collect a bunch of things because it can get a little crazy I don't wanna be those people with a bunch of storages and not able to enjoy their things! I want just enough to display them and to smile every time I see them.
I usually get my things at thrift stores and I prefer vintage disney item because it's like a piece of history ... And I have a thing for vintage things 

i think this clear cup is cool! 

if anybody knows can you tell me what year this might be? im guessing 70's but i can be totally wrong! 
if you're ever at a Disney park pick this up because there is always a press coin machine where you can get your coins done!
Tarzan! this is actually a little water fountain!!
This Snow White is also a little water fountain!!!

My favorite, Beauty and the Beast! maybe because this one is complete, hahah mpst of the ones i have are broken 
My Beautiful Dumbo! you get these at California Adventure playing those arcade games! 
i had to beat a little kid to get this... no shame... lol
And my little Dumbo.. i found him at a Thrift store.. love him its super cuttteeee