Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DISNEY: Hercules 'Hades' INSPIRED Makeup

" It's a small underworld, after all, huh? "
Someone asked if i could do Hades from Hercules 
i love Hercules! such a fun movie! one of my Favorites! 

So here is the look! i hope y'all like it! 
Products used:
Wet N Wild concealer stick as a primer
all eye shadows used are from Bh Cosmetics 120 palette ver. 1
L'Oreal blackbuster black eyeliner
Milani liquid eyeliner pencil in black
Rimmel London retro glam mascara in extreme black

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DISNEY: Buzz Lightyear INSPIRED Makeup

To infinity ... and Beyond!!!!
Today i did a Buzz Lightyear inspired eye look! 
i think Buzz is my favorite character from Toy Story.... 
i have a buzz sweater and little kids rolling luggage... yeah, im that person. and i do take it to my Disneyland trips.. lol surprisingly all my clothes fit. hahaha
anyways, i hope you all like this look i created! 
its a little out there but i really like how it came out! 

Products Used:
Wet N Wild concealer stick as primer
All eye shadows i used are from Bh Cosmetics 120 color palette in 01 
Jesse's Girl eye dust in Starshine
L'Oreal Blackbuster eyeliner in black
Rimmel London mascara Retro Glam in extreme black
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in Nude
Rimmel London Lasting finish lipstick my Kate Moss in 04 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Disney Tag part 2 My Collection

Hay! Okay, here's my little collection! OMG so, I try not to collect a bunch of things because it can get a little crazy I don't wanna be those people with a bunch of storages and not able to enjoy their things! I want just enough to display them and to smile every time I see them.
I usually get my things at thrift stores and I prefer vintage disney item because it's like a piece of history ... And I have a thing for vintage things 

i think this clear cup is cool! 

if anybody knows can you tell me what year this might be? im guessing 70's but i can be totally wrong! 
if you're ever at a Disney park pick this up because there is always a press coin machine where you can get your coins done!
Tarzan! this is actually a little water fountain!!
This Snow White is also a little water fountain!!!

My favorite, Beauty and the Beast! maybe because this one is complete, hahah mpst of the ones i have are broken 
My Beautiful Dumbo! you get these at California Adventure playing those arcade games! 
i had to beat a little kid to get this... no shame... lol
And my little Dumbo.. i found him at a Thrift store.. love him its super cuttteeee

Friday, September 12, 2014

DISNEY: Aladdin 'Genie' INSPIRED Makeup

Hey! so today i decided to do Genie from Aladdin!, to me Genie is the highlight of the movie! because the just lights it up with the singing and jokes! 
as we all know Robin Williams has passed away to paradise and it saddens me that hes not here on earth anymore, BUT he has left us wonderful art and the childhood memories, amazing actor, comedian, and voice actor.. he was everything! 
he was wonderful to his fans and was dedicated to make us all laugh!

Products used:
Wet N Wild concealer (i used it as eye primer) 
all eye shadows i used are from bh cosmetics palette 120 version 2
(used the red, and 2 blues from the palette if you want to know specific shadows i used just ask me)
Eyeliners: L'oreal the infallible Blackbuster liquid eyeliner in black
Milani liquid eye eyeliner pencil in black
Mascara: Rimmel London scandal eyes retro glam mascara in black  
Lips: Wet N Wild  lipstick in rosebud 

excuse my messy hair.. lmao..

Monday, July 7, 2014

DISNEY: "Frozen" Elsa INSPIRED Makeup

Let it go... LET IT GOOOOOOO 
yes, the whole world has that song stuck in their head haha
some requested me to do this look! and here it is! 

i really like it because i love blue! 
and Elsa's outfit is fab! 
Products used:
Wet N Wild concealer stick as primer
bh cosmetics 88 shimmer palette 

Bh cosmetics 120 palette 1st edition
Milani liquid eye , eyeliner pencil in black
L'oreal the infallible blackbuster in black 
Rimmel scandaleyes retro glam in extreme black
Wet N Wild mega color lipstick in 907c
jesse's girl lip liner in melon
Chanel lipgloss 139
Physicians Formula Happy booster glow and moon boosting
blush in Rose
N.Y.C. sparkle eye dust (no name.. ITS OLD LOL) 
(watch video)

and thats all! 

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

DISNEY: "Brave" Merida INSPIRED Makeup

she is too darn adorables!
love her accent!
and so i decided to recreate her look (her colors)
now! ok,.. omg.. so i did one eye like i always do and i thought it came out pretty good! 
BUT when i transferred the pics to the computer I REALIZED that i didn't used ORANGE.. i used a yellow/orange!! 
i was thinking of re doing it but i figured to tell you guys, if you're gonna re create it.. just use ACTUAL ORANGE lolol
i think the rest of the look came out pretty good!
Products used:
Maybelline super stay foundation
ben nye banana powder
Maybelline dream matte powder
maybelline define a brow in medium brown
Hard candy fox in a box blush duo in skinny dipping 
Hello Kitty shimmering powder and eyeshadow palette
Wet N Wild concealer stick as eye primer
bh cosmetics eyeshadows
(yellow/orange color and brown and a green)
mark. peacock e/s
physicians formula eye booster eyeliner in deep brown
milani liquid eye pencil in brown
Rimmel scandal eyes retro glam in extreme black
Wet N Wild mega last lipstick in 902c
Rimmel lasting finish lip liner in natural 

annndddd i hope this was ok!!!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Smokey Copper eyes Too Faced *DUPE* natural eye palette

so, ive been doing this eye look often! because its very easy and fast!
i only use 2 eye shadows!
ok, so i used this Too Faced "knockoff" Natural eye palette
 sorry, for it looks really gross1 i had it for a while!! 

now, ive never used the actually palette from Too Faced
so i dont know the quality of that one! but this one has pretty good quality for 2 dollars!!

here's the list of products i used!
Wet N Wild cover all concealer stick as primer
the 2 eye shadows from palette (see video to see which ones)
Milani liquid eye - eyeliner in black
L'oreal The infallible Blackbuster liquid eyeliner in black
Rimmel London Lash accelerator endless mascara in extreme black
L'oreal Voluminous mascara in Black 
jesse's girl lipliner in Brick
Wet N Wild mega last lipstick in 911D
Thats it! 
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

DISNEY: "a Bug's Life" Princess Atta INSPIRED Makeup

Who else likes a bug's life?
i do!!!
i love the animation! one of my fav. movies! 
so i decided to do Princess Atta inspired makeups!
and i hope i nailed it! 
Products used:
Flower beauty about face foundation in LF6
Ben nye Banana powder
Flower  Powder up loose powder in L02
Maybelline Define a brow in dark brown
Wet N Wild concealer stick using it as a concealer
Bh Cosmetics 120 palette in 1st edition
(see video to see what eyeshadows i used)
Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil in Black
L'oreal The infallible Blackbuster liquid eyeliner in black
Rimmel Lash Accelerator endless mascara
Wet N Wild mega last Lipstick in 907C
That's all i used on my face.. lol
im super excited to do more Disney inspired looks
its just soo much fun to do! 
so if you want to request a Disney character or any character really! let me know either on here or on my Youtube channel or better yet! on my Twitter!! im always on twitter!! @carolcarol92

Thank You so much for checking out my blog and my videos! i really like your feedback! and feel free to follow me on here and on my youtube! username : carolcarol92
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DISNEY Cinderella INSPIRED Makeup! redo

So im going to redo some of the past Disney inspired makeup that i have done! 
only because i have a better quality camera.. lol 
so the first one that i did was Cinderella!
so the Products that i used were:
Flower beauty About Face Foundation in LF6
Ben Nye banana Powder
Maybelline define a brow in dark brown
Wet N Wild concealer stick for a primer
Bh Cosmetics 120 Palette 1st edition
(see video to see what colors i used)
Rimmel London scandal eyes Pencil eyeliner in Black
L'oreal THe infallible Blackbuster liquid eyeliner in Black
Rimmel London Lash accelerator endless mascara
NYX in Thalia
i think! lol 
sorry for the lack of pictures! 
thank you for checking out my blog!! :D