Saturday, May 11, 2013

Waiting for Jay Gatsby ... a 1920's Look

Today May 10 The Great Gatsby came out 
and i had to do a 20's inspired look! i am Obsessed with the 1920's even though i like a little bit of every era that the earth has seen but the 20's holds a special place in my heart! 
so i did a look Inspired by it, not totally how they used to do it back then, but i can do that in a different video/blogpost 
The Foundation i used is Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Nude Light 4
Concealer: Maybelline FIT ME in 20 sand sable
Powder: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Beige Medium 2-2.5
i also used Ben Nye Banana Powder
For eyebrows: NYC Kohl brow / eyeliner pencil in Dark brown
and wet n wild ultimate brow kit in ash brown 
Primer: Wet N Wild cover all concealer
Eyeshadows: NYX Ultra pearl mania in MINK
eyeshadows from the natural eye palette from my Too Faced knockoff
and the dark shadow from Wet N Wild Trio in Silent Treatment 
Eyeliners: Wet n wild Mega Liner liquid eyeliner
and Maybelline master drama
Cover girl Flamed out mascara
Lips: Avon Cherry Jubilee
Wet N Wild lipstick in 919b
Lipliners: Jesse's girl in Brick and Plummie and mixed all of those 4 together
and as for Jewelry , these are the pieces that i used!
Pearls!, pearls were a big thing back in the 20's especially the long strands of those pearly whites!
Jeweled Headpiece!
well actually, this is a necklace! lol i found this long ago in a flea market!, In this Marvelous Era they had the Most BEAUTIFUL Headpieces so i thought this would look cute! ... but one problem... it wont stay on my FACE! haha!  this was too heavy for bobby pins .... still cute though!!
a Flower Headpiece!
and well.. this is a headband! but this was also cute enough to add!  and actually liked how it looked!

and Earrings!!!  (Sorry the Pictures are Blurry my camera was low on battery!)
these are Super adorable! the top ones i got from Forever 21  and the bottom ones i found at a antique shop! they TOTALLY remind me of the 20's these are gold toned i need to hunt for some silver toned earrings!! who wants to go Shopping!!? :)
and well here are some pics! (Black and White and in Color! )

and those are my Pictures lol Thank you for Checking out my blog i will soon have a video up so be on the look out! (the video is actually Hilarious! lots of fails! ) (and i still have to edit it!) if you want you can Subscribe to my YT Channel!
and you will know when the video is up ! and follow me on Instagram and Twitter!!! the Links are on my Youtube page!

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