Monday, April 15, 2013

Disneyland Trip and Haul!!

This was our First Destination DISNEYLAND!!!
but No.. we stopped somewhere before

Yup To Charlie Brown Farms!!
The reason we stopped here first is because my Dad wanted to try the Buffalo Burgers... at first i was like ehh i dont wanna sounds gross... but once i was in there i was sure.. why not!
and they were really good it tastes like any other burger,... they also had crocodile and ostrich burgers
oh, and it comes with fries too lol
AND omg You GUYS!!! thats not it!!! its also a HUGE Gift Shop!!
like you wouldn't even KNOW!!!

omg they had a bunch of I Love Lucy stuff i was FREAKING out!! 
and i only bought one thing!! lol i got ....

these... it was the cheapest thing there! lol its too cute!!!! 
and the rest of the pics below is noting!! they had sooo much stuff!!! 

UGH!!! they had 3 ROOMS of creepy porcelain dolls for days!!! i hate those things!! i couldn't even step in the rooms! 

They had WAYY too many stuff they also had vintage toys candy .... etc!
i thik they have a website and a youtube channel in the YT Channel they show the stuff they have! so go Check it out !!!

So We Arrived to Disney California Adventures
They Changed Soooo Much Stuff in the park Since the last time i went! it was Very interesting! and i was pretty excited to go see the  new CarsLand... even though i have not seen the movies lol i didnt took much pics in this park with is a bummer but i will show you what i got in this park!
some Flippy Floppys!!!
ok i HAD to get some because my other flats got wet and OMG the PAIN on muh FEET!!
it was a BIG relief!!  and these are really cute!!!
and omg i have a really funny Story! we were at the Hollywood Tower of Terror...
ok so we were on it me my mom and my sis and i was wearing my flip flops... and when the elevator Dropped!....i saw my Flip Flops MID-AIR!!! i was freaking out lol and was yelling "My CHANCLAS!" (My Flip Flops!)
i was cracking up the whole time and freaking out because i seriously thought i was going to land on someone lol and when it was on mid air i caught them with my foot! and just stepped on them for the rest of the ride ahahahahha!!! it was the funniest moment of my life!!! 
ok well anyways next thing i got was ... 
This Tall Plastic cup that came with a Vanilla Milkshake at carsland   that WAS SUPER DELICIOUS!!!
omg soo good you guys!!! you have to try it when you have a chance! they also have chocolate and strawberry , i didnt tried those,.... but next time i go i will!! lol 

Then i also got these glosses from the Beautifully Makeup line i got snow white and Ariel! i wanted to get more but they're pricey so i settled with two! :)

 This is my Fave its like a Note pad/journal  i am IN LOVE with Walt Disney  and his accomplishments and this was super cute not to get!!  and that little quote up there is Super inspiring!! it says "We are just getting Started"

So Then when we were going back to the Hotel  we got hungry lol and my sister had told us about this pizza place that was soo good! and so we went ...
To The Pizza Press! 
the pizzas where paper thin BUT OMG!!! SOOOOO GOODD!!
and its inexpensive and the inside is soo cute, sorry i didnt took pics inside but it all like newspaper theme super Cute! and good! omg
So Then we Arrived to the Happiest Place on Earth!
so it was my sisters Birthday and we went at the Plaza Inn for some Breakfast with the Characters

Took a Pic with MINNIE!!! 

i mean look at my DELICIOUS FOOD!! it was actually really good! it was a buffet and this is the only thing i got because i got super full! 

My Little Minnie Stamp!!

me and my sis with some characters!
then my Sister got her hair done at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique with our niece!

Super cute i was really impressed!!!  she left super happy!
OMg and then we went to Space Mountain!
LOL! can you guess where im at? lol

ok so now let me show you what i bought!
 i got Muh tea!!! super excited to try these i havent even opened them yet!
gots my Dumbo! filled with popcorn Still!! lol

this cup where contained the most delicious milkshake evva!!

i went on a mission to try and find these and finally did in ToonTown!! 
i will be purchasing some more of these they're too cute not to buy!!

 Got me some more glosses! i LOVE the colors they're not SUPER pigmented but really subtle and pretty

 im gonna Start Collecting the pressed coins!!! this little booklet is really cute!

 i thought this was really pretty! ^ just a bunch of mickeys!
 got the Walt and mickey Statue pin!
 and the Disneyland Logo! pin
 i asked for this one over at City Hall and they were nice to give me some
 i included this one just to show show you this vintage pin i had for years
 This Pin they gave us when we ate breakfast at the Plaza Inn
 oh! and i Found this Pin on the Ground at California Adventures!! Cute!
and My FAV Purchase!!! My Buzz Lightyear Sweater!!!!
then on our way out my Mom wanted her Funnel Cake she always gets one and it looked super cute so i had to take a pic of it!!
  and when i was getting the straws for our drinks i saw Princess Tiana! passing by!!!! lol  just a quick pic!!!
so then on our Last day we decided to get the Annual Pass this was super exciting to me because now we can go any time we want! and Possibly more often!! 
so i think that's all i need to share with you guys! i have the most amazing time there!!
i next time i go i will take more pictures! and do another post with more detailed pictures and info!!
Thank You For Visiting mt Blog! 
Have a Magical Day!! <3 p="">
Love, Carol 


  1. Awesome haul you have. You should totally check out my Disneyland visit blog post on my blog. I can't believe you kept the milkshake cup. Nice.

  2. Love youre blogg post! It makes me wish even more I was living in the states! I have always had a huge love of Disney and my dream is to go to Disneyland! But thats probably never gonna happen. Maby the one in Paris some time. My friend was there this year. And she sais she got me something there, but I am not alowd to know untill my birthday in november. So rude! :P Have you gotten the big book about Walt Disney? I used to borrow one at the library when I was younger. I had it all the time, so no one ells ever got to borrow it. lol

    1. Hay! sorry for the late reply!! and hey one day you will go to Disneyland!! and i only have one Walt Disney book its like a Biography which i have yet to read it lol Thank You! for visiting my blog post!! it means alot!!! <3333333333