Saturday, December 24, 2011

DISNEY'S: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) INSPIRED LOOK!!

NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXXXTTT Up! Aurora!!!! To tell you the truth i haven't seen this Movie in a WHILE! and ive only Seeen it like Twice!! lol Not my fav... But still like her!.....and i LOVE how this Look Turn out! BRIGHT PINK !!!! and i REALLY like it!!! and i hope you all like it too!!! soo here's a picture of it!

and here's the Product List of the Product that i used.....
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK(as Primer)
EyeShadows From Bhcosmetics 120 color Palette 1st standard
(see Video Below to see Which ones i used!)
Loreal HIP creme eyeliner in Brown
Too Faced Natural eye Knockoff Palette(its a fake Too Facced Palette)
i used Honey Pot (or just use a shimmering Gold!)
Maybelline Black Mascara
a Pink lip liner From Jesse's Girl
Besame Lipgloss in Pink Diamond
and... THATS IT!!!!
and here's My Pictures of the Look!! Hope You like it!! because i do!!
and Watch the Video of it Down Below!

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