Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Besame Cosmetics!!!

omg!! i am soo excited! i ordered some stuff from Besame Cosmetics!! and i am in LOVE!!!
i only got three things but i am HOOKED! one, because i love cosmetics and 2, they are VINTAGE inspired!!! and i love anything vintage inspired THINGS !!
so here's what i got!!!
Sweetheart Balm in Cherry
so so so excited for this!! i LOVE lip balms and ESPECIALLY in winter because with heavy winds or the cold and cause chapped lips and i have not tried this yet on my lips but i can soo tell that this will be moisturizing.. because i can still feel it on my fingertip!!! and i think im going to buy a lip brush for this one because since its on a jar and since my nails are growing i dont want to add a hole in it! hahah and the packaging is soooo adorable!!! and i chose cherry because its a red color they also have a pink one and i thought that the red one will add more color to my lips!
and this was 18.00 Dollars!
The next thing that i got was,
Vintage Mirror in VM04
omg! isn't THIS CUTE!!! its a good size pocket mirror! and i just love how the card looks like! really presentable!! and cute!! and i chose this one because well.... i really dont know i thought this was cute! haha it kinda reminded me or a flapper girl! they have tons more!! and this will be an awsome gift for someone and a perfect size for your purse or even a wallet purse!!
this is 8.00 dollars
and LAST but NOT LEAST!!!
Enriched Lip Glaze Holiday Trio!!!
aren't these colors sooo purrtty!!! :p
i wass soo happy when i saw these! i was like ahh!!! a SET!! and not just a set but a HOLIDAY SET! it comes in 3 colors the first one is in Caramel, Pink Diamond and Red Berry!
and these could be opaque enough to wear them by themselves! which i like because i hate layering lip product u just need a go to one! and these are small enough to go to your pocket or purse! they smell soo good sweet they don't taste bad im actually wearing a little or the red berry on top on my red lipstick right now as i write this! and let me tell yah they do not taste bad! lol
im not sure if these are limited edition since they are holiday set so i wouldn't know but im pretty sure they will be around for a while!
and these where 18.00 dollars! Not bad!!
and here's the website where u can also buy some!!
Their Facebook Page:

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