Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Besame Cosmetics!!!

omg!! i am soo excited! i ordered some stuff from Besame Cosmetics!! and i am in LOVE!!!
i only got three things but i am HOOKED! one, because i love cosmetics and 2, they are VINTAGE inspired!!! and i love anything vintage inspired THINGS !!
so here's what i got!!!
Sweetheart Balm in Cherry
so so so excited for this!! i LOVE lip balms and ESPECIALLY in winter because with heavy winds or the cold and cause chapped lips and i have not tried this yet on my lips but i can soo tell that this will be moisturizing.. because i can still feel it on my fingertip!!! and i think im going to buy a lip brush for this one because since its on a jar and since my nails are growing i dont want to add a hole in it! hahah and the packaging is soooo adorable!!! and i chose cherry because its a red color they also have a pink one and i thought that the red one will add more color to my lips!
and this was 18.00 Dollars!
The next thing that i got was,
Vintage Mirror in VM04
omg! isn't THIS CUTE!!! its a good size pocket mirror! and i just love how the card looks like! really presentable!! and cute!! and i chose this one because well.... i really dont know i thought this was cute! haha it kinda reminded me or a flapper girl! they have tons more!! and this will be an awsome gift for someone and a perfect size for your purse or even a wallet purse!!
this is 8.00 dollars
and LAST but NOT LEAST!!!
Enriched Lip Glaze Holiday Trio!!!
aren't these colors sooo purrtty!!! :p
i wass soo happy when i saw these! i was like ahh!!! a SET!! and not just a set but a HOLIDAY SET! it comes in 3 colors the first one is in Caramel, Pink Diamond and Red Berry!
and these could be opaque enough to wear them by themselves! which i like because i hate layering lip product u just need a go to one! and these are small enough to go to your pocket or purse! they smell soo good sweet they don't taste bad im actually wearing a little or the red berry on top on my red lipstick right now as i write this! and let me tell yah they do not taste bad! lol
im not sure if these are limited edition since they are holiday set so i wouldn't know but im pretty sure they will be around for a while!
and these where 18.00 dollars! Not bad!!
and here's the website where u can also buy some!!
Their Facebook Page:

Monday, November 28, 2011

DISNEY: Rapunzel (Tangled) INSPIRED Makeup Look

RAPUNZEL...!! Let Down Your HAIR!!!!
at first when this movie came out i was like ehh.. but When i saw it i was like OMG! LOVES IT! Totally loves it!!!
and soo i decided to do an inspired look and here it its!!
ok ok, maybe my hair isn't long like Rapunzel's... BUT CLOSE ENOUGH!!! LOL
Products used
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milk
all eyeshadows used are from bh cosmetics 120 1st standard palette
see video to see which ones i used
wet n wild black liquid eyeliner
maybelline great lash mascara in black
jesse's girl kohl liner in northern lights
Physicians Formula in Rose Happy Booster Blush
and that's it!!!
Thanks for checking out my BLOG!!! :D

Saturday, November 19, 2011


MULAN!!!!! i remember When my dad bought me this movie when it came out!!! and i LOVED it and ever since my fav! i love watching movies of different cultures!
and here's the inspired look i did!!
:D!! i Hope you guys LOVE it!!
Products list!:
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in MILK!
Eyeshadows i used are from Bh cosmetics 120 1st standard palette see video to see which ones i used!
Wet N Wild Black liquid eyeliner
Maybelline black mascara
Physicians Formula happy booster blush in rose
pink body shimmer
Revlon Cherries in the snow lipstick!!!
and that's it!!! lol i think! if u ave any questions ask me!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

DISNEY: Jasmine INSPIRED Makeup look

Princess Jasmine!!!
LOVES i remember when i went to California adventures earlier this year we went to see Aladdin LIVE! show and omg!! amazing show ever!! sooo FUNNY! if u ever get a chance go to that show!! AMAZING!!!
so i did an inspired look based on her outfit! and hopefully it looks good!!
and heres the products that i used to achieve this look!
Products List:
NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk
Bh cosmetics eye shadows used see video o which ones i used
(120 palette 1st standard palette)
LA colors eye shadow in sandcastles (gold shadow)
maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
maybelline grear lash mascara in black
NYC mosaic powder in all over bronze glow
Physicians formula bronze booster suns stones in light to medium
Wet N Wild mega last lipstick in 902c


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


lol ok so i did this one BRIGHT! and i loved it!!!
FAV. of the CLASSSIC Disney Movies!

Here's the Products i used..
Products used:
All eyeshadows is used were from bh cosmetics 120 1st standard palette see video to see what colors i used
and the blue shadow from CG tropical fusion
maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
physicians formula happy booster in rose
Wet N Wild 911d red lipstick
maybelline greatlash mascara in black


Monday, November 7, 2011


Alright! Cinderella!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ! the MOST Classic Princess out there! everyone whats her everyone wants to be her! well here is the inspired look that i did based on her dress!
Loved how it came out! and here are the products that i used to accomplished this look!
Product list!:
NYX Jumbo eye pencil
Wet N Wild ultimate eye expression palette
in Fantasy island
view video below to see what colors i used they have no names
Jesse's girl eye dust in starshine
wet n wild glitter
maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
maybelline great lash mascara in black
NYX lipstick in Thalia
Physicians formula happy booster blush in rose
Thanks for checking out my blog!! Bye!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

DISNEY: Belle (Beauty and the Beast) inspired Makeup

Next up!, Belle !!! from Beauty and the Beast!!! omg! LOVE!
when i was younger i wasn't a BIG fan of beauty and the beast .. i mean i really like it but i wasnt obsessed with it like some others lol
but i did a look inspired by her dress and hair! lol let me show yah!,
and here's the face chart that i dd a day b4 i did on my face!
and i think it came out pretty good right?!
and i really liked how it came out!!!
so here let me show you the list of products that i used !
Products used:
Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in MILK
All eyeshadows i used were from Bh cosmetics 120 palette 1st edition
in the video i show u the ones that i used!
L'Oreal HIP creme eyeliner in brown
mascara from Maybelline great lash in very black
for cheeks i used physicians formula happy booster in rose
and lips i used like a sheer neon fushia lipcolor in mot gonna say the name because it looong discontinued lol so yea! thanks for checking this post out!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


SOOOOOOOOOoooooo Today i did a Pocahontas Inspired Makeup!!! and i loved it!!!! i LOVE Pocahontas!! my parents always tell me that i always watched the movie and i called her pocas... lol since back then i couldn't pronounce her name lol well anyways here is the look!!
ok heres the list of the Products that i used!!!
Wet N Wild concealer stick for primer
Wet N Wild single eyeshadow in brulee
L.A colors clay brown color from the Mineral spa palette
Bh cosmetics blue and gray color from the 120 color palette look at the video to see which one
Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
Maybelline great lash mascara in very black
For lips
Sally Hansen moist and matte liquid color in charmeuse
and wet n wild lipstick in 506b
Physicians Formula bronze booster sun stones
Revlon golden affair in merlot at midnight
andd. thats it!!! now heres more pics!!!