Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lisa Frank PUKED on ME!

OMG you guys ! you dont KNOW ! how much i loved Lisa Frank as a kid!!! i was obsessed!! i had all the coloring books stickers school supplies! u name it!!! in LOVE!!! ESPECIALLY with... this ----> TOY!
one of the ballerina bunnies!!! i had one just like it!! and i never left the house with out it!!! BUT! its loong lost right now... maybe i can find one on ebay! lol
soooo anyways!! here is the Lisa Frank inspired look!!!

Products i used:
NYX Jumbo eye Pencil in Milk
for the eyebrows i used Bh cosmetics 120 palette and also for the shadows im going to show u the ones that i used circled in yellow!
ehh, u can barely see it but for the eyebrows just use the colors from the rainbow! lol
N.y.c liquid eyeliner in ultra violet
MAX Factor vivid impact mascara in 901 (Basically Pink Mascara)
for lips i used occ lip tars in anime and purple lipstick from milani in magenta madness! and for blush i used a Bright Shimmery pink!
and thats is! i think..! lol
i have more pics BUT IT WONT LET ME UPLOAD THEm!!! they will be on my Facebook Page!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

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