Sunday, September 25, 2011

MAKING my Nail Polish RACK!

PLEASE!!!! Tell me that THIS IS Beautiful!!!!
So ive always Wanted a Nail polish rack and they are so expensive online! so i just Google'd and youtube'd DIY Nail polish racks and they were some what Helpful i saw a video of a girl doing a Styrofoam one and that HAS to be the cheapest Alternative!!! which i WAS about to do it buuuutttt since i have TOO may Polishes it might fall apart! so i saw a picture on Google and i saw a Home Made WOOD nail polish rack and i was like wuuuuttt because you mostly see the clear plastics ones right?! so i texted the picture to my dad and i told him.. " i want to make this! " and that same day we Went to HOME DEPOT and Bought some Wood! so i got a BIG TALL one! that Cost like 10 DOLLARS!! omg! well anyways i also got 6 short ones and 6 short skinny ones! and we Started building it the next Morning!! So dad Measured and made his Calculations and Me?, ... well i just Sat there because What d I KNOW bout Building and stuff.? RIGHT? because im a NO. i WAS in there along with him and building and shiz! and you know what, it WAS SOOOOOO EASY!!! sooo easy that i can make one RIGHT now!!
lol and when my dad was putting in the nails he used this gun thing of this air compressor thingy idk.. but it shots air when he pulled the trigger for the nail to come out and it sacred me EVERY TIME because it reminded me of Final Destination 3? i forgot which one but bout that girl who fell and that gun was behind he head and it went off and kept shoot to her head and u see the nails going through her eyeballs.. yea i was a little scared...
and that was the finish result! i was going to record it but i forgot it was soo fast that i forgot to grab the camera! but if we do make another one i will film it !!! so OH! i forgot to say that i ALSO bought some Black Spray paint! lol i got a funny story... ok ok ok... sooo we were at Home Depot right, and i asked the guy that i wanted to get a Spray paint and he got the thing open i was ok let me seee... and i got one and one of my nephews pointed out that i got a flat color and i was wuuuttt and he already closed the gate thingy i was like oh shiz! got the wrong one!!! so i asked him again to open it for me and he looked at me all weird and he asked "are you over 18? because u can buy this if you are over 18 " i was yea i am im 19 and hes like oh ok just making sure! and i was like wuuutt do i really look young? ... lol BUT the weird thing was that he asked ME if i was over 18 the Second time he opened the gate ! and not the first time!! i just thought it was funny!
soo Done spray painting it!! we found out that we needed 2 cans but my dad had an extra which was a flat color so i sprayed that one first and the semi gloss at last ! which worked out perfectly!
i actually had fun spray painting it!! except getting black paint on my fingers and the bad smell BUT other than that it WAS FUN! so the next thing was to figure out where i should put it and i chose the perfect SPoT!
and heres how we mount it in idk what these things are called but we used these!!!
Right next to Marilyn!!! so i put it (my dad actually lol) close to my makeup table so that it can be an easy reach! and i LOVE the Spot that i put it at!!! soo the FUN part!! to put all the NAIL POLISHES IN!!!
i threw away ALOT of them because they were gross and eww and Stuffs and i have n clue why i still had them! lol i stacked them according to brand and color within brand! and it looks like ..............^ this!! lol and that's it! thanks for reading! and if u have any questions just comment below!!! Thank You for taking the time to read my blog! <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks!!

HAYYYY!!! REVIEW Time!! These are the Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks!!! i Really LOVE these Lipsticks soo pigmented !!! and soo creamy and long lasting!
here's the name of the ones that i have .. the names are in order according to picture !
907c Mauve Outta Here, 916D Ravin' Raisin,901B Think Pink, 911D Red Velvet, 902C Bare it All, 919B Vamp it Up, 906D Wine Room
and here are the Swatches!!! and these are JUST ONE SWIPE!!!

now the only thing that i dont like is that the have NO NAME ON THE BOTTOM WITH THE # !! lol oh, and that the tip (the way the lipstick was made) i dont like! it makes it harder to apply in my opinion! :)

LOVE these! i also did a video on them! soo thes info there! and if u have any questions just comment!!!