Friday, August 5, 2011

sooooooo Today i wents Shopppppinggg....

and here is my face of the day....

i was inspired by Lauren's look AKA QueenofBlending!!!! LOVER HER!!!
she did the color combination in one of her Tutorials and when i saw it i was IN LOVE!!!!
soo heres my OOTD!!(outfit of the day!):
lol i took the pics in my little sister's ROOM!! lol she has better lighting OK!
hahah well anyways! i was wearing a Random shirt that is my sister's (older sis)
and im pretty sure she bought it at ross its one of those shirts that the tee is attached to the cardigan! like 2 in 1? lol yah! wearing that! and the scarf is from H&M! Very Cute got it for 6 BUCKS!! :D and pants? who needs pants?....... lol jk! i was wearing some jeggings!! WHICH HAD A HOLE !! and i found out when i was at the store i was like WTF!! and it was in my inner thigh!! YAH! Talk about EMBARRASSING!!! haha and for Chanclas(sandals) just random thin ass sandals that i found in my closet! soo yah!! thats pretty much it!!! oh! and here's some more pics of my makeup today!

and... let me tell YAH,! i GOT alot of looks when i went shopping! and i walked on those aisle's
Proud with my BRIGHT MAKEUP! im am NOT shy i mean.. they're just COLORS!! and a girl even stopped me and asked what eye shadows i used and i said.. BH Cosmetics GURL!!! lol and she was like yah i know that company i was like WUTTT!!! INSTANT FRIEND RIIGHT THERE!! lol and heres Lauren's look!! her Video!!! (BTW did i said that i LOVER HER! )

and heres my video on WHAT i got on this day of Shoppin!!! lol

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