Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEW Maybelline Shine Sensational POP STICKS

Hayy!!! Guys!!! sooo i bought these new Lip products that you see above!
They are called, Shine Sensational POP STICKS From Maybelline!!!!
i saw these at Rite Aid like, a week ago and i walked by,and i was like.. "wuuuuuuuuutttt"
i stopped and saw these Bright pink lipstick!!! and well, like everyone else, i opened it and took a look on how they look! and o-m-g! it was a see thru lipstick and i looked at the AD and it was like a lipstain! and i was like WTF is THIS! is going to give u a lipstain? and the product is inspired by a Popsicle! and even the names!
soo this one is Fruit Punch! this is the one that was bright red and you know i HAD to get it!!
now this one KINDA does smells like fruit punch! BUT it Reminds me of , Remember those Big Stixx lip balms from avon (the Red one)??? yeah it smell just like those!!!
aaaannnnddd!!! i ALSO got a Orange one!!!
and this one is Citrus Slice!!
i think these 2 were the brightest one out of the 4!
and i wanted to get the orange one because i don't have a orange lip product!! CAN U BELIEVE THAT!?!?! its hard to find one!!!

and this lipstain is OK... because like i mean. i love the color buuutttt....
the smell? ejhck! i smells like , u know when you buy those DIY nails that u get at drugstores.. like kinda like nail polish ish.... but over time you'll get used to that and when u put it on it wont smell like that on your lips!
and these things aren't very moisturizing! it doesn't last long on your lips! but it does stain! and it leaves stain residue on the creases of your lips! :/ (depends on your lips!) but its NOT like a super bright color on your lips just a subtle flush of color on the lips!!
i think what attracted em the most of these lip products is the packaging! im a sucker for CUTE packaging!! and thats what its going to get people to buy them! its not the best thing in the world and its not the worst thing in the world! just buy it when its on sale so that u can try them!!
sooo if u have tried these please tell me what have u thought of them!!!
i would LOVE to know!!!
Thanks for READING!!!

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