Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bright Sunset LOOK! (inspired by a Tumblr pic)

Yay!!! so i found this picture on Tumblr and i fell in LOVE with it!! i dont know who it Belongs to! so im not taking credit for it!!!
any ways heres my look!

i had soo much fun! doing this! i LOVE these colors! and i love BH cosmetics!!!
and.. here's the products i used to create this look!!
Primer~ NYX Jumbo eye pencil in MILK!
and i numbered on the eye-shadows on the order that i used them!

and then in the other palette i used...
yup! and then i used my liquid eyeliner and mascara...
and thennnnn... my blush~ which is a coral tone blush
for LIPS!! ~ Maybelline Lipstick in Let me Pink!
and DONE!!!!
and i'll post the video Below!!! (the Tutorial)!!!! :D hope you guys like it!!
oh and i used eco tools brushes!! (which are amazing!)

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