Sunday, March 6, 2011

No TURNING Back!!!

Hi OK so i know i haven't been here for like a WEEK! lol this week has been WEIRD!! lol it was VERY unorganized i was planning to workout all week and only worked out on Monday i ran 2 miles and the rest of the week i just,,.... no... i didn't do anything lol its hard.. i do want to get fit! but i always push it away! like if i can do it later but that "later" NEVER comes.,.. also i have to change my eating habits!! which is horrible! i just came from McDonald's!!!! lol but you know what tomorrow is a new day and MONDAY!! i cant workout of eat healthy in the middle of the week it HAS to be a Monday!! its like a way to officially start FRESH!! and i need to start getting busy on making NEW YouTube videos and other projects for YouTube that i will show/explain to you that i am VERY excited !! so Back the working out thing haha i just want to get fit i dont want to be skeleton skinny but want to LOOK and FEEL good! Sure i want to be alot thinner but not a unhealthy thin! i am tall person but not That tall ! but i am the tallest in the family! and i feel like if i got thinner i could look taller which i have no problem with it haha maybe i can be a Model? haha who knows!! well i will be posting my new diet plan and workout plan on here!
here are some pictures that inspires me to workout and eat more Healthy!

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