Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Follow your DREAMS!

Hi. i Love this quote from Tupac Shakur "Just because your from the Ghetto dosen't mean ya cant GROW" its from one of his songs! and when i was listening to it the ONLY thing i caught from it was that ,and its VERY true! it dosent matter where u come from or how your family is , you can grow out of that and be YOU! yeah, its going to be hard, yes you will loose along the way., but you will gain Happiness at the end! it may seem a long journey but when you're at that finish line, you will say "ahhh.." Now that wasn't Hard at all!" you would do it all over again because it made you STRONGER!!! and it'll be easy!

i always say this to everyone who needs it! but the funny thing is that i never take my own advice... like for example... since i have no job.. and my friend has no job i would yell at her to get one but who am i to judge because i dont have one either!.. well the reason i would its because i know people can do better if i cant do it YOU surely CAN and if I can do it the YOU can do it BETTER! and thats what i want! EVERYONE has a SPARK ready to ignite! just like the song from Katy Perry! for example:"Maybe you're the reason why all the doors are closed So you can open one that leads you the perfect road." i LOVE the lyrics to that song so that younger people can listen and feel couraged to live thier DREAMS!! because if no one is doing what u want to see or do wether its on TV or the internet ! YOU can Start it! and be the FIRST!! there is room for everyone! i ADMIT i am scared to follow my dreams because of rejection... but eventually i am going to suck it up and GO for it!!! and you will it too! lets do it TOGETHER!! ok so i am going to post some pics of people who inspire me to follow my dreams... now.. when i say "oh that person inspired me" i usually mean their hard work what it took for them to do that not really of what they did but how they worked into what they did so Enjoy the pics!! <3!

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